The Nature Park Zillertal

The Nature Park Zillertal allows visitors to experience nature at its best. 

Ranging from 1.000m to 3.510m above sea level, the Nautre Park covers many diverse areas of vegetation and fauna. It also covers many glaciers, mountain streams, meadows, and high, majestic mountains peaks.

Human influences can also be seen: Various artefacts show how agriculture has progressed throughout the ages, in harmony with nature.

The possibilities of exploring the Nature Park are endless: Walking, climbing or biking are just a few. Guided tours are also offered. Of course, you can also challenge yourself and climb one of the larger peaks - perhaps even reach the magical 3.000m-mark.

More information can be found in the hamlet of Ginzling, which also features a Nature Park information center and museum.

 Guided Hikes:

There is a wide range of guided hikes available – for all age groups, something for everyone! The tours have various durations (half a day, whole day) and focus on different areas like cultural landscape, botany, geology, glaciers, mountain forest, and will be explained by trained hiking guides. There are also special offers for families with kids, like: llama trekking or the Keilkeller-Waterfalls.

Link tip: Naturpark Zillertal